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(Please see bottom of the page to view my roles on this series)

Noteworthy contributions for this specific episode - I directed this first one, helping to set the tone for pacing/timing for the series.

Noteworthy contributions for this specific episode - I helped with a major re-write to the script along with song lyrics.

Noteworthy contributions for this specific episode - Instrumental in timing for ep as well as providing gags.

My overall roles for Ghee Happy:
Story/Script: I was involved with breaking story, script rewrites and punch-ups.
Songs: Wrote lyrics and contributed to final song production.
Design: Provided feedback during all stages of production (from concept through final models).
Editorial: Worked with editorial to lock Animatic's and final color.
Storyboards: Reviewed and guided directors and board artists with notes, rewrites and thumbnails.
Score and SFX: Spotted and provided samples to inspire the composer and SFX engeneer. 
Dialog records: Heavily involved in co-directing voice talent and at times running sessions.
Executive liaison: Guided and supported the show creator as we solved notes given by executives.
Cheerleader: Was the positive life-force to help keep the show creator's spirits and energy up through the end of production.

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